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  • Aliases
  • Backup
  • cp
  • Insertion of a password into a pdf file
  • Play video DVD ISO file with Xine
  • Quick format of CD-RW
  • Removing old kernels
  • Searching
  • Split
  • xorg.conf ModeLine
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    This is a page dedicated the commands / tips for the Linux Operating System.

    Please feel free to contribute to the database.

    This should help out new Linux users as well as experienced Linux users.

    Click on the left links to show that particular command. It would be useful for the posters to include the man page and some examples. The examples are the key, sometimes the man pages do not give examples, which new Linux users need. You can also check out the help file for directions. The help file is located at the top right once you login to the site.

    If there should be more on this site, or any comments please contact me.

    Change Log:
    Feb. 10, 06 - Add views per command

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